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Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability

The John C. Mascaro and Len Peters Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability encourage contributions to intra- and inter-disciplinary research while also helping faculty to team-teach sustainability courses as part of the University’s undergraduate sustainability certificate and MS in Sustainable Engineering. Faculty members from all disciplines across the University of Pittsburgh are encouraged to apply.

John C. Mascaro Faculty Fellowships

John C. Mascaro Faculty Fellowships provide support for faculty seeking to broaden sustainability at the University level (across schools and disciplines) and or in partnership with significant external stakeholders. Faculty interested in the fellowship should demonstrate how their proposal will support or expand university-wide sustainability education programs and or catalyze growth in the University’s sustainability research portfolio.

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Review the 2024 JCM Faculty Programs RFP.

Watch the Funding Programs page for future faculty fellow RFPs.

Leonard Peters Faculty Fellowships

Leonard Peters Faculty Fellows are invited to join the MCSI team as a key partner often helping to envision, create and implement core programs for the center.

The Leonard Peters Faculty Fellowships provide faculty members with the opportunity to focus on and further strategic MCSI goals over the academic year. Peters Faculty Fellows help to positively impact Pitt’s research, education and outreach efforts as detailed in the Pitt Sustainability Plan.

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Additional Fellowship Opportunities

Global Engagement in Sustainability Awards

The Global Engagement in Sustainability Grant is a joint initiative with the University Center for International Studies. This fellowship enables faculty to share, develop, and expand their research, teaching, or professional practice beyond the University's campus. These include national and international partners anywhere in the world, from either inside or outside of higher education, working in areas that strongly align with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Arts & Humanities Microgrants in Sustainability

Arts & Humanities Microgrants support smaller-scale projects or individual faculty or teams in the arts and humanities. These grants are intended to enhance the internal funding opportunities which enable faculty to support and expand university-wide interdisciplinary sustainability programs as they relate to education, research, and engagement.

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