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Heinz Distinguished Lectureship

The Heinz Distinguished Lectureship was established through a gift from the Heinz Endowments and is sponsored by the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation. The lectureship is open to the community and aims to bring to the University innovative, thought-provoking, and forward-looking concepts appropriate for sustainable infrastructure development.

Past SpeakersHeinz Lecturer Jessica Green speaking at the University of Pittsburgh

  • 2019: Suzanne Shelton
    Shelton Group
  • 2018: Melissa Lee
    The GREEN Program
  • 2016: Jessica Green
    University of Oregon
  • 2015: Christopher Flavin
    President Emeritus, Worldwatch Institute
  • 2014: Vanessa Farquharson
    Freelance Writer, Author, Editor, Speaker
  • 2013: Alex Steffen
    Writer, Futurist
  • 2012: Paul Anastas
    Yale University
  • 2010: Stuart Hart
    Cornell University
  • 2007: Michael Shellenberger
    Breakthrough Institute
  • 2005: Amory Lovins
    Rocky Mountain Institute
  • 2003: David Suzuki
    Suzuki Foundation
  • 2002: Janine Benyus
  • 2001: Dennis Astorino
  • 2000: Bill Browning
    Rocky Mountain Institute