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Vision, Mission, Values


Co-create research, education, and engagement opportunities by shattering silos and fostering critical connections to solve the complex challenges facing our planet while co-creating more just, equitable, and sustainable communities at the University, within the region, and around the world. 


MCSI is the collaborative, interdisciplinary hub of sustainability at the University of Pittsburgh, focused on making positive impacts that address our sustainability challenges. MCSI connects, strengthens, and complements existing, emerging, and exploratory sustainability nodes at Pitt. 

  • Catalyzes and expands our research capacity to accelerate equitable solutions to pressing sustainability challenges. 
  • Creates research that informs policies, practices, and technologies that promote sustainability at the campus, local, regional, and global scales.
  • Serves as a beacon for sustainability education, offering local and global interdisciplinary degree programs and experiential learning opportunities that empowers the Pitt community to become change agents for sustainability. 
  • Nurtures a community that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for sustainability.
  • Is Pitt’s front door for sustainability, working closely with our communities, industry, government, nonprofit partners, and society to co-develop and promote sustainable practices and solutions. Serves as a trusted partner for internal and external engagement seeking to create a sustainable future.
  • Leads Pitt to continue to embrace and expand its leadership in sustainable operations and business practices that inspire and empower unique research and experiential learning opportunities.


We hold these truths as our first principles:

  • We are committed to identifying and advancing solutions to climate change and its resulting societal and health impacts
  • Pitt is aligned to take on challenges that ensure current and future generations will have the opportunity to thrive in a world that is more environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically robust.
  • We are stronger together!  We must break down silos for positive impact.
  • We have an ethical obligation to our students, our community, and our world to tackle challenges head on, putting our resources towards positive action and outcomes.

Our posture and spirit.

  • We are engaged in an EGOLESS process. 
  • We are in SERVICE to Schools and their mission.
  • We have an ETHICAL responsibility.
  • We are intentional about EQUITABLE outcomes. 
  • We aim to COMPLEMENT, not compete; to CONNECT, not divide; to ELEVATE, not replace.
  • We are MINDFUL of who we are — our strengths and gaps.
  • THIS IS THE TIME: Plan For Pitt | Pitt Sustainability PlanPitt Climate Action Plan.