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The center offers a variety of ways to engage and support faculty with research and academic interests in sustainability. To learn more contact us at

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Research Seed Grant RFPs

Research Seed Grants seek to support convergent research teams who are focused on sustainability and associated solutions. Seed Grant recipients span a variety of disciplines and work to crucially enhance sustainability education and research, as well as further Pitt’s national recognition in sustainability and the visibility of sustainability research and education on campus.

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Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability

Learn more about the John C. Mascaro and Len Peters Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability within the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation.

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Affiliated Faculty

Identify faculty members from across the University of Pittsburgh who hold affiliations with MCSI. 

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Faculty Expertise

Visit the Sustainability Faculty Resource Hub to find the faculty experts organized by their specialized areas of sustainability.

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Sustainability Faculty Resource Hub

The Sustainability Faculty Resource Hub is home to academic tools and resources to help faculty include sustainability in all aspects of learning. 

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Sustainability Attribute Codes

Faculty: Learn how to assign sustainability attribute codes to your sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses to help students filter and identify classes with sustainability content.

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Advisor Toolkit

The Sustainability Toolkit presents the many opportunities for students to apply and grow their interest in sustainability through academia, service, advocacy, and more.

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Become an Undergraduate Research Advisor

MCSI welcomes faculty partners interested in serving as advisors for its annual Undergraduate Summer Research Program. Learn more about how to participate.

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Join Us: Green Speakeasy Events

The Green Speakeasy events were created to give both faculty and graduate students throughout the University the opportunity to meet and learn about each other’s research areas, with the goal of encouraging future collaboration and interdisciplinary work.