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Assigning Sustainability Attribute Codes to Courses

Faculty now have the ability to assign Sustainability-focused and Sustainability-related attribute codes to courses. This enables students to filter and identify classes with sustainability content and is very useful to students pursuing the Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability.

The Mascaro Center is working to fill this reservoir with the broadest and most complete listing of sustainability options available to our students. At this time, we ask that faculty consider whether their course(s) meets the sustainability targeted content below and if so, to please take the critical step of submitting your course for review and approval within Curriculog


Sustainability-focused: A sustainability focused course addresses sustainability as an integrated concept throughout, highlighting the interconnectivity between all three pillars: social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

Sustainability-related: A sustainability related course or program incorporates sustainability as a distinct component, or concentrates on the interconnection between two of the three pillars: social, economic, and environmental dimensions.  

Course Characteristics: 

  • Course material is connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(s) (SDGs).
  • Addresses sustainability as an integrated multidisciplinary concept, highlighting the interaction and tradeoffs between ecological, social and economic systems.

Curriculog Instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down and click on "Log-in using your university credentials," and then click "Login" on the top right corner of the new screen.
  3. Go to "My Proposals," then click "New Proposal".

    Screen capture showing My Proposals tab and "+New Proposal" button
  4. The options are listed in groups of 10 in alphabetical order. Click the "Next 10" button six (6) times to get to the MCSI option as seen below:
     Screen shot showing where to find the Preview and Start Proposal icons
  5. Click the "Start proposal" check mark to begin. 
  6. Complete all of the required fields, making sure to save as you go along. 
  7. Once complete, click "Validate and Launch Proposal" to submit. 

    Screen capture showing My Proposals tab and "+New Proposal" button

If you have any questions, please email