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Signature Programs

Learn more about MCSI's external, community partners, as well as funding and experiential opportunities designed to help Pitt faculty and students engage in sustainability research, education and outreach.

External Partners

Our faculty and students want to have a real impact within our community and seek industrial, nonprofit and community partners to address real world sustainability challenges. Learn more about MCSI's community partners and projects, including the Sustainability Capstone, service initiatives, and K-12 education and outreach.

Funding Programs

The Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation provides a variety of funding programs designed to help Pitt faculty and students engage in sustainability research, education and outreach. These include: 

  • Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability, contributing to intra- and interdisciplinary research and team-teaching select sustainability courses
  • Research Seed Grants in Sustainability, supporting faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows 
  • Undergraduate Summer Research Program, engaging students with full-time, hands-on sustainability research that goes beyond classroom curriculum research under the guidance and mentorship of sustainability focused faculty and graduate students
  • Student Project Grants, supporting student groups that are initiating programs, activities or events that cover the broad topics of sustainability and help to advance Pitt’s Sustainability Plan

Education and Curriculum

MCSI is also leading University efforts to infuse sustainability into undergraduate and graduate education.

  • First-Year Presentations, introducing first-year students to the range of sustainability initiatives at Pitt.
  • Attribute Codes, to help pair student interest in sustainability with relevant courses and faculty expertise.
  • Sustainability Distinction, helping undergraduate students gain recognition and “credit” for outside-the-classroom endeavors .
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability, providing undergraduate students the opportunity to enhance their education by including sustainability in their course of study.
  • Graduate Certificate in Circular Economy, providing graduate students and professionals with skills and knowledge regarding circular economy. 
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering, preparing students to identify and solve sustainability issues using systems approaches in the context of environmental, social, and economic problems.
  • Covestro Circular Economy Program, training graduate students to strategically develop circular economy solutions for the spiraling global waste problem.