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People and Partners

Since its creation, MCSI has endeavored to create an integrated community of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh who focus their intellectual talents on rendering society more sustainable. 

View the full directory of the MCSI leadership and staff, its affiliated faculty, committees, and task force, or view the various categories separately by following the links below. 

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Find contact information for the MCSI team and reach out with any questions.

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External Advisory Board

MCSI’s External Advisory Board provides support and advice on the direction of our academic and research programs and helps guide the selection of our internal grant programs. They also serve as ambassadors and help with sharing our work to a broader external constituent group.

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Faculty Fellows

Find contact info for our current faculty fellows, as well as listings of recent fellows at John C. Mascaro Faculty Fellows and Leonard Peters Faculty Fellows

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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty across the University of Pittsburgh who are leaders in sustainability scholarship, teaching and research and collaborate with MCSI are identified in the Affiliated Faculty listing.

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Faculty Expertise

Visit the Sustainability Faculty Resource Hub to find faculty experts organized by their specialized areas of sustainability.

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Sustainability Task Force

The MCSI Faculty Sustainability Task Force was created by past Provost Patty Beeson in 2014 to assist and guide the university’s efforts to (1) catalyze multidisciplinary sustainability research and education throughout the university, (2) integrate research and education to impact campus operations and quality of life, and (3) propel Pitt to achieve national recognition in sustainability.

Since then it has become a welcomed hub for faculty with broad interests in sustainability research, education and outreach. It is a place to share interests, network and build collaborative partnerships across disciplines.

student attendees being greeted by faculty member  at tables during Sustainanbility Awards event
Faculty Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability

The Faculty Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability was charged with developing recommendations for a University-wide sustainability institute. Find more information about the committee and its membership at Faculty Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability.

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Alumni Highlights

Learn more about the career journeys of recent MCSI alumni and how their experiences with the center have benefited them in their professional lives.

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All positions are filled at this time. Check back for updates on open positions.

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Pitt Partners

Working together for a more sustainable campus and community.