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Sustainability Certificate Requirements

Required Courses*

A total of 18 credits are required to earn a certificate that is structured so that the participating student will be exposed to the interrelation of engineering with natural and social sciences and humanities as applied to sustainable Earth systems, engineering practices, and society. 

The certificate has two tracks; one in DSAS, the other in SSOE. Each track starts and finishes with two required courses that have a MCSI designation in the SSOE and includes a third course from the track School. The two new courses will unite all incoming Sustainability certificate students regardless of disciplinary or School affiliation. 

Three electives can be chosen to complete the 18 credit requirement. At most, one of these three electives can be taken in a student’s home Department.

Required Courses

Please note that ENGR 1905 is a pre-requisite for ENGR 1907 and they may not be taken concurrently.


Select three electives. Only one elective can be in the student’s major department.*

Courses with Sustainability Content

* Elective courses will be reviewed annually and updated as new courses are offered.