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Carla Ng

  • Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Carla Ng (Baumel) works at the intersection of chemistry, biology and engineering to develop models for the fate of chemicals in organisms and ecosystems. Her research interests span multiple scales, from molecules to global systems. Active research areas in her group include:

  • Development of integrative modeling strategies to understand the biological fate and effects of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
  • The role of the global industrial food system on the transport and fate of environmental contaminants and subsequent human exposure.
  • Developing quantitative models for structure-based chemicals assessment, including the emergence and importance of chemical transformation products in complex mixtures.
  • Harnessing biology to design innovative approaches to treat emerging contaminants.
  • Advancing systems-level understanding of the cascading ecological and water quality benefits of green infrastructure.
  • Understanding the fundamental mechanisms that determine chemical bioaccumulation and bioavailability.