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Circular Economy Certificate

The Circular Economy Certificate is open to all graduate students and professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge of circular economy. The certificate program, which was developed using current research and recommended skill sets, takes an interdisciplinary approach to guiding students through the process of understanding and applying circular economy principles. Several elective options are included in the Circular Economy Certificate, and students are welcome to work with their advisor to tailor course work to their areas of expertise.

The objectives of the graduate circular economy certificate are:

  • Enable graduate students to develop knowledge of circular economy principles and ultimately create circular and sustainable solutions.
  • Embark on a novel, cross-disciplinary educational experience that integrates existing campus resources with a new course focusing on circular economy design.
  • Create a learning pathway that enables the development of breadth and depth and the skills needed for circular economy solutions.
  • Create regional and nationally scalable circular economy solutions through an existing capstone course.
  • Experience a diverse and inclusive training environment that builds upon and extends our networks, ultimately establishing a diverse and inclusive academic environment for our program.

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